Dayuan Exhibition Area

Hsihei in blue, Eatable landscape


Xihai Leisure Agriculture Area

Intersection of Shengde North Road and Tianxi Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City

The fantasy dolphin totem stitched by pansies creates an impression of the blue stream and sea. With the "edible landscape" presented in the surrounding exhibition area such as rice, vanilla, and radish, the Dayuan exhibition area becomes a special exhibition area with beautiful, fun and highly interactive experience!

★ There is also a field of ​​white buckwheat flower in Hepingli nearby, so you can travel together!


Exhibition area introduction


Fantasy attractions

Different from the green manure plants of the Taoyuan Flower Festival in the past, they are made of blue pansies to create an ocean scene on the surface of the stream.

​Buckwheat Flower Field

Hepingli, not far from the Dayuan exhibition area, is full of white buckwheat flowers, like mist and snow falling in winter!

Come to the Dayuan exhibition area, don't forget to stop by Heping to enjoy the romantic buckwheat flower sea!

Installation art introduction


Entrance image

The dolphin is the patron saint symbolizing love. It is combined with the flowers and the edible landscape. This is the entrance image of this time, allowing visitors to see this theme event at a glance.


Hsihei in blue

The mermaid in the fairy tale world has the courage to pursue love and travels in the mysterious sea. The interlacing of dreams and reality attracts everyone's attention.


Love in frame

Beautiful flowers are blooming, come here with your companion, take pictures one after another, leave each other with the most romantic and beautiful The moment.


Swing the love

Surrounded by flowers, it is like a swing in a dream forest, with romantic atmosphere.
It is a popular scene that must be photographed. Sitting on the swing, feel like a flower fairy!