Daxi Exhibition Area

Animal party


Xihai Leisure Agriculture Area

Adjacent to Li Tengfang ancient villa, Yuemei Village

The main exhibition area uses cute animal totems and installation art to create a joyous atmosphere, with the sub-exhibition area planned and planted by the farmers themselves, so that flowers bloom in every corner of the Daxi Yuemei Community! Visitors are welcome to come to Yuemei Community to experience the colorful flower feast during the Huacai Festival!


Exhibition area introduction


Animal Park

Inspired by animal, we have designed a collection of charming animal boards including elephants, rabbits, cats, bears, and giraffes. In addition, we also designed alphabetic wreath, “PARTY” to present the flowers.

We strongly encourage you to take shots with these animal boards. Other features like eye-catching installations and stage can be seen in this area as well.

Sweet Party

We have designed all kinds of party treat boards including ice cream, lollipops, and cakes. Furthermore, you would see snowmen and gingerbread men in this area to invite you to this lovely sweet party.

Flower Cheers

We designed flower fields at the entrance based on the shape of goblets. Bring your friends to this party and you will see many creative and colorful decorations. So that the moment you step in, all your worries will be replaced by wonder.

Installation art introduction

Dreamy Unicorn

This gigantic unicorn will surely be the most eye-catching installation of this festival.
Unicorn has been seen as a legendary creature with meaningful symbols. White unicorn represents innocence and strong. The precious horn of unicorn is said to possess magical healing power, for example, purifying waters and neutralizing toxicity.

This year’s Taoyuan Flower Festival used unicorn installation as a highlight. We want to bring people’s attention to the operation of local agri-tourism areas and the efforts that farmers put into organic farming. Through the magic of unicorn, we want to guide you into the most beautiful flower world in Daxi.

Slow Snail

Do you know what animal can best represent Yamay? The answer is snail! Yamay has diverse landscape, ecosystem, culture and agriculture, for example, vast paddy fields, great landscape of the riverbed of the Dahan River, hundred-year old canals that are the home of fish and shrimps, beautiful ponds, and national historic site, Lee Teng-Fan’s Ancient Residence. Although rural communities may not be as lively as the old street, they are vital. When you visit Yamay, don’t forget to slow down your pace like snail to feel the joy that country life brings.

Cat stage

The cute cat-shaped stage is super eye-catching even if there is no performance. Together with the performance, everyone has the best viewing space. The stage is matched with a modeling carpet and a modeling back panel, which blend in the flower field to add features.

Butterflies and Flowers

Wouldn’t it be a delight to see butterflies flying among flowers? Let’s look for the butterflies that are lingering in the garden.

Pinky Elephant

elephants lost their way and accidently joined us for this joyous party. Let’s have fun with them!

Luminous Rabbit

Cute little rabbits hopped into the garden. During the daytime, these are adorable white rabbits. In the evening, they will transform themselves into colorful rabbits. This transformation will surely surprise you.


Colorful World

Buckets of paint fill the fields of flowers and cups with different colors. We hope you will enjoy your glass of welcome drink.

Moon-shaped Swing

Fields of flowers and moon-shaped swing will make you feel like a character in the romantic fairy tale. In the evening, the color of swing will change based on the LED light.