Fenghe Orchard

dye cloth DIY

11/14 ( Sat ) ~22 (Sun) 10:00

Use natural plant pigments to create personal style creations.

​Cost: NTD $ 100 /person for single item, NTD $ 150 /person for two DIY experiences together

Quota: unlimited number of people; weekdays need to reservation

Phone Number: 0980-052-866

Fu Yixuan Farm & Sugar Painter

Painted sugar DIY

11/15 (Sun) , 11/22 ( Sun ) 10:00

A complete sugar painting teaching, from the history of sugar painting, line design to the operation of the sugar art pen, to learn the sugar painting technique step by step, and get a glimpse of the mystery of the traditional art of "painting sugar".

​Cost: $150/person

Quota: Unlimited

Contact number: 0926-820-416

Uncle Wang's Woodcraft

DIY Vegetable pot with Natural Organic Corroded Sawdust

11 /14 (Sat)~ 11 /22 (Sun ) 09:00

Put the organic decomposed wood chips in the basin, add organic fertilizer in the middle, and put the decomposed wood chips until 8 minutes full, then plant the small vegetable seedlings, and finally add a little water to complete!

​Cost: $80/person

Quota: Unlimited

Contact number: 0932-095-181、03-3885881

Jinxing Orchid Garden

Orchid DIY

11 /14 (Sat)~ 11 /22 (Sun ) 09:00

Inject new thinking into the finished orchids, let the orchids move towards a customized and refined style, and make the orchids one of the activities of parent-child fun through the people-friendly price.

​Cost: $300/person

Quota: Unlimited

Contact number: 0932-269-190、03-3882842

Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Taoyuan

Guided tour

Only on holiday, 10:30, 14:3 0

◎ Guided tour of the old town

Meet up location: Meet in front of No.1 Hall
(No. 68, Zhongzheng Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan City)

◎ Guided tour of Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence

Meet up location: Meet at Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence 
(No. 32, Lane 198, Yuemei Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan City)

Cost: Free

Contact window: Service Specialist

Contact number: (03) 388-8600 extension 304