Yangmei Exhibition Area

Sweet Flower like honey, Dairy in Yangmei


Xiucai Leisure Area

Intersection of Zhongshan South Road and Dongliunong Road, Yangmei District

This year's main flower field retro old houses and rainbow flower roads, 10/31~11/8 Yangmei Dongliuli Flower Fields will be held to show the Yangmei "reappear the old house-Jiang Xia Tang", local tea culture "Tea Lianxiang-Tea Pavilion", and Hakka Spiritual art installations such as the "Cultivation Stage" are super good! The first hot air balloon lifts off at the opening, the holiday-limited dairy farming experience, Realistic puzzle, herb gathering, and flower field market will make the whole family enjoyable. The tea feast and the closing flower field environmental theater give visitors a different flower viewing experience.


Exhibition area introduction


Two-color cosmos flower field

The magnificent and surging large area of white and pink cosmos flowers is a spectacular and happy visual feast.

Rainbow Flower Road

Think of the colorful flower sea that arouses the topic in the Forest of Animals, using different colors of cosmos, zinnias, etc. to plant, the straight design of the flower path, with several horizontal cuts across different main roads, strolling the flower fields more smoothly.

Overturned Milk Totem Flower Field

Milk is the industry that echoes Yangmei's dairy farmers. The creative and ingenious use of a three-dimensional milk carton to pour milk (white cosmos) in a flower sea pattern allows visitors to stand on the milk carton and take a low-angle shot.

Happy Yangmei Flower Sea Area

The 2020 Taoyuan Flower Festival, with the 2020 Love You Love You, plan the I Love Yangmei  Love Flower Sea to show happiness.

Sunflower blooming

Sunflower is a flower variety with positive sunlight. Sunflower has only one flower field. It has become the darling of the whole audience. Standing in the sunflower field, surrounded by happiness!

Installation art introduction


Cultivation stage

Created by the artist Wang Yuxiang. Curtivation represents hard work. The Hakka people are based on agriculture. Yangmei has a rich and diverse agricultural development. The cattle are quite important in the Hakka. The stage will be based on the rural scenery as a starting point, combined with the local straw weaving artist Wang Yuxiang Cooperation, let the straw water buffalo lead the main stage, just like humming and dancing on the ox cart in farmland in ancient times. And around the stage, there are ornamental mats wrapped in Hakka floral cloth tied with straw to let visitors know the diverse applications of straw.


Reproduce the old house-Jiang Xia Tang

"Jiang Xia Tang" is a century-old house. It is also known as the "Qian Qing Dynasty" in Yangmei. It can be said to be the most representative ancient house of Yangmei. The original low wall is used as a medium for the interaction of the installation to make the landscape of the landscape more perfect. The front is painted with the original appearance of Jiang Xia Tang, and the back is painted with creative colors. The theme content is the characteristics of Yangmei, including Hakka farming sceneries, tea industry, dairy farming, old houses and old trees, etc. The different painting styles on both sides combine old and new art.

Cha Lian Xiang-Tea Pavilion

Created by artist Xu Minsheng, the tea soup poured into the cup makes ripples round and gentle. The gentle colors of the bamboo woven are used as the water drop-shaped tea tasting space in the middle, and the flowers and plants are used as the continuation of the ripples on the outside. White cosmos is planted in the flower field at the rear, allowing the vision to continue throughout the Taoyuan Flower Festival and also symbolizing the fragrance of Yangmei's tea spreading far away.


  1. Follow the directions for the flower viewing. Do not step on the flower fields. Pets are not allowed to urinate and defecate in the flower fields. Please bring your own cleaning bag.

  2. To maintain the environment and ecology, please put garbage in the trash can according to the instructions.

  3. Aerial camera is prohibited on site.

  4. Art installations are to be visited according to the moving line instructions. If there is a limited number of people, the on-site announcement is the main one, and no stepping, bumping or graffiti is allowed.

  5. Nursing rooms and goodwill spaces are provided on site. If necessary, please consult the service station next to the main stage.

  6. The service station at the entrance of the venue is equipped with wheelchairs and baby strollers to rent. You must show and mortgage your ID card or health insurance card.

  7. The shuttle bus is free to ride, but the number of seats is limited. Depending on the road conditions, the shuttle bus runs every 20-30 minutes. Please wear a mask when riding. If you want to take the shuttle bus, please bring your own pet basket.

  8. The restricted roads around the venue shall be announced on the spot. Please park motor vehicles and locomotives as instructed and do not allow vehicles to enter the venue.